aSurvey™ – Real Time Data Collection



Get feedback from your clients, or employees anywhere/anytime


More than simply a series of questions and answers the aSurvey™ service is a fully adaptive, intelligent Q&A tool using SMS to get live immediate feedback from employees, clients or customers anytime, anywhere, even while they are still on your premise using your services or products.  It is a highly adaptable system that can utilize your existing communications and digital infrastructure, such as voice systems, social networks, SMS text messaging, websites and email.  

aSurvey™ is based upon the idea that because there are a million different reasons to ask questions, any useful system enabling them should be flexible enough to help you get the answers how and when you want them.  We believe that its not just about getting answers to questions, but the actions that result in the answers.  By starting with the end in mind then crafting the questions in a simple and concise manner and then using a tool with a 97% read ratio aSurvey™ can deliver micro-targeted information with a higher degree of accuracy and more immediacy than other surveying techniques.  

An effective surveying system needs to function at multiple levels simultaneously in order to ensure that everyone gets the information they need when they need it most.  It should be able to reach people wherever they are, inside buildings, outside buildings or on the go; it should be capable of getting their attention immediately; and most importantly it needs to be interactive in order to gather field-level data and information.  

The aSurvey™ system starts with the aText cloud-based platform, which houses the aSurvey™ software, and can be connected to your network in a variety of ways. The cloud-based server gives you access messaging protocols through any IP enabled computers, phones and wireless devices, allowing you to initiate communications from remote locations. In addition, aSurvey™’s multi-modal (text, IP, email and voice) alerting service ensures that your message not only gets out but gets seen, anytime, anywhere,

aSurvey™ can instantly, simultaneously, and interactively where applicable, send/receive information and notifications to any IP-enabled device or system.

FEATURES & FUNCTIONS - What can aSurvey™ do?

  • Include live variable data from any source available

  • Adaptively send relevant follow up questions and information

  • Place response thresholds on automated notifications (email, text, computer generated voice) to a third party 

  • Send the resulting data automatically to any predesignated location

  • Create comprehensive assessments with randomizing questions, and normalizing difficulty levels

  • Capture and report on ALL the data, even the information you do not yet know you need 


And many more… 

What can do you need to use aSurvey™?


  • Mobile phones (via SMS text message)

  • Traditional and VOIP phones (via voice message)

  • Satellite phones

  • Smart phones

  • iPads & tablets

  • Wireless PDAs

  • IP accessible computers

  • Text pagers



  • Facebook Pages

  • Twitter accounts

  • Linkedin

And many more…



  • Web pages 

  • Personalized portals (MyYahoo, iGoogle or AOL page)

  • Personal and/or work email accounts 



RSS readers 



  • Digital signage systems

  • Visual displays systems