About Us


In December of 2008, two executives from Aztec Software, a highly successful 34 year old educational software company, accepted an invitation by the president of Liberia, President Sirleaf, to participate in the country’s most ambitious literacy effort in its history.After completing a trip to the war ravaged country, they concluded that the lack of infrastructure and a centralized power grid would severely hamper any attempt to deploy computer based instruction to the people. The two left, vowing to return to not just Liberia, but the other countries in Western Africa with a solution to the region’s lack of access to computers to aid with educational reforms.


  • Do not try to do everything, but be the best at what you do by offering new and innovative solutions.

  • Listen in a very comprehensive way to your clients. Listen not only to what they say, but understand the implications beyond the immediate.

  • Keep the end in mind. We never stop thinking about how text messaging can increase profits by either driving more revenue, or making a business operation more efficient