Find out what aText can do for YOU and your personal development.

To understand us better you need to know what we are not…

We ARE NOT a Mobile Marketing Company.
We ARE NOT your average Technology Company.
We ARE NOT a company that lives in isolation from the environments in which we work.

We ARE a socially responsible collection of professionals who believe that together we can find new and creative ways to show our customers how text messaging can improve their businesses and have fun doing it.

We ARE a company that believes that family comes first, both ours and those of our customers.

If you believe that your job should be more then a series of hours at the end of which you collect a paycheck, but rather a rewarding and enjoyable experience, and if you believe that everyone has something to offer then we are the company for you. Check out our job openings.


Open Positions

Engineering (really smart people)
Product Development (really intuitive people)
Marketing (really creative people)
Sales (really convincing people)
General & Administrative (really supportive people)