Director, Software Engineering – TaaS Solution

Overview: We sell our communication platform to marketers to help them drive revenue. We have increased our focus on healthcare, yet our mission has stayed the same: “to help our clients communicate with the highest amount of relevancy possible.” For healthcare this means we aim to “influence consumers to make healthy decisions in order to keep them out of the doctor’s office and save our clients lots of money in the process.” This goes for doctors and hospitals as well. For example, one major issue we’re tackling is “medication adherence.” It’s a $290 billion a year problem. A consumer forgets to take their meds, or they take the wrong dose, and they end up taking an expensive ambulance ride or end up right back in the doctor’s office. This is just one several hundred billion dollar problem that we’re already making a dent in.

Your Career: Natural born leader, Python expert (or can quickly become one), and Postgres geek. Wants to use what the cool kids are using (MongoDB, RoR, SMPP, and RabbitMQ). Obsessive about UX, evangelistic about Agile, and a champion of cloud computing. Most importantly, we want someone who loves a). solving big problems, b). learning, and c). being part of a high performance team.

Your Challenge: We have been in development for the past year on a platform that is still very much a work in progress. The biggest mountain we face is building out a system that analyzes years’ worth of end-user behavior and interaction over several different channels of communication. We’re surfacing the data and making it actionable so our clients can answer questions like “what message(s) should I follow up with based on the interaction, or lack thereof, with a previous message sent, and how far should those messages be spaced out?” Are you ready to build the world’s first intelligent SMS platform?

Your Benefits: Stock option plan (with laser focused exit strategy). Quarterly bonuses based company revenue goals and peer review for living our core values. 100% medical (with United), We’re hoping you will want us to buy you a Mac and that your mobile device of choice is either an iPhone or an Android device. Some travel is involved, especially to conferences where you will want to grow your knowledge, evangelize, and find new, talented storm troopers.

Your Culture: aText was founded based upon our need for freedom. We want to be able to make our own decisions on what the product road map looks like, what clothes we wore, and when we wanted time off. As a result, decision making is encouraged at all levels, and everyone has a say in the company’s strategy. Everyone is an owner, and time off depends only upon when you need it. Did we mention shorts, sandals, and summer dresses feel great year round? The number of incredibly bright, hard working, and innovative people, who also love to learn and laugh together, almost makes it seem as if work isn’t work. We hire and fire based on our core values. When someone is crushing it, there’s no limit to how successful they can be and where they can move within the organization. Sound interesting? Take a tour of our offices. Sorry for the shakiness; we think Jared was committed to a Blair Witch style intro.

Have Fun, Learn A Lot: Learning is a major core value, so the aText Library is always open for business. Books can be checked out by simply Yammering the hash tag #mslibrary. You won’t get a parking spot with your name, but you also don’t have to spend 10 minutes looking for a spot. The Aztec café is stocked with drinks and snacks, including gluten free foods. Save hundreds of dollars per month skipping Starbucks and using our Italian Bravo espresso machine instead, donated by a restaurant going out of business (we guess the economy has some side benefits). In addition to daily product/tech stand ups, we have weekly company stand ups where we discuss how our goals are coming along or what movie we caught over the weekend. We throw a couple of really fun annual parties, such as our Text GIANTS tailgate bash.

A few more things you should know . . .

Core Duties/Responsibilities:

1. Participate in projects to develop new, and enhance existing, messaging technology solutions.
2. Initiate, plan, review, architect, design, code, test, document, and track progress of projects to improve scalability and monitor system load.
3. Troubleshoot and fix issues related to messaging software production systems, while safeguarding performance and business continuity.
4. Manage and interact with 3rd party and/or offshore development teams.
5. Develop, promote, and utilize the best development practices and business continuity strategies, while protecting revenue streams.
6. Recruit, retain, evaluate, and provide leadership to additional IT staff in the areas of software development and infrastructure management.

Education and/or Experience:

1. BS in Computer Science or equivalent experience.
2. 5+ years of hard-core software development of production systems.
3. Success at participating in cross-functional development teams.
4. Extra consideration given to experience with email, mobile, and social communication solutions.

Personal Attributes:

1. Track record in building high performance teams.
2. Leads by serving others.
3. Excellent written and oral communication skills.
4. Ability to articulate ideas to non-technical audiences.
5. Superior analytical, evaluative, and problem solving abilities.
6. Loves helping customers succeed.

Email to apply.