Technical Customer Advocate-Nigeria


Technical Customer Advocate – Nigeria

About the Job:

• You will be the first person that aText’s Nigerian and West African customers and potential customers communicate with; we’ll count on you to interact with them in a friendly and professional way.
• You will answer customers’ basic questions quickly. If they require in-depth technical support, you will collect information that our engineers need. If they have the potential to be aText’s next big customer, you will have the judgment to fast-track them to sales.
• You’ll need to hit the ground running. You will help customers understand aText capabilities and pricing, and as you gain more experience, you’ll answer questions of increasing technical depth.
• You’ll be part of a lean, savvy support team. Your working style will have a big impact the growth of our team.
• You will help us understand customer trends, documenting and reporting what you observe to the management team to make our support process better.


• You can work onsite in our office in Abuja, Nigeria.
• You’re ready to roll up your sleeves to get stuff done, doing whatever it takes to retain and delight a customer. You’re excited about what they’re building with aText.
• You are a tech-savvy “people” person who learns fast and thinks on your feet. You love working with real customers: listening to them and solving problems. Your mission in life is to help a customer get to their happy place.
• You get technology. Our customers are developers who often speak in jargon, and you can understand what they’re saying.
• You can read between the lines of a customer request, understanding the question behind the question. You can anticipate the customer’s next question before they even ask it, and provide a proactive answer.
• You are a proactive and thoughtful communicator, both over the phone and email.
• You can work independently, and are not afraid to work without a safety net.
• You have excellent judgment and can prioritize customer issues based on their urgency and severity.
• You’ve admired the Nordstrom, Apple, Zappos, etc service ethos.
• Your primary work schedule will based on local business hours, or 0.900 to 18.00. You may later be asked to work different shifts, including late nights, weekends, etc.
• You hold a bachelors degree from a 3 year college or equivalent and experience delivering excellent and well-informed customer support.

Nice to have:

• Basic technical/programming experience. You will be talking to developers constantly.
• Entrepreneurial and leadership experience of some variety, such as starting a business, leading a team or club.
• You’ve won awards for being awesome in some way at other jobs or during school.

How to apply:

Here’s some stuff you can include in your cover letter to move your resume to the top of the pile:
• Discuss where you worked on a similar product/solution before and drove results.
• Want to really stand out? Sign up and build an app using the Atext API. Include a link to it in your cover letter. Bonus points for finding bugs or things that annoyed you that could be improved in the platform or on our website.