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Operational continuity requires reliable communications.  From crisis management, to supply chain interruptions, to fluctuations in demand, the ability to coordinate personnel, and interact with customers in real-time is imperative for the success of any modern company.   Ensuring the immediacy, and interactive nature of urgent messages builds trust and confidence in staff and customers alike.


The aText™ server can be used to provide information or trigger an event alarm remotely and equally important reach individuals throughout your organization no matter where they are and all on the devices they already have on them, their mobile phone.


aText™ Commercial Applications

  • Discreetly communicate with individuals or groups

  • Coordinate staff during times of crisis

  • Integrate SMS into transportation of goods supplying fluid real-time data

  • Ensure timely reporting of valuable information

  • Confirm attendance at high or low volume affairs

  • Provide an SMS based hotline increasing both employee, and customer safety.

  • Announce office closures, or special events

And so much more…

aText changes everything!™