Educational Institutions


Educational Institutions

Each different kind of educational institution is comprised of a unique combination of communications needs, from the immediacy of an incident alert, to the routine nature of sporting event coordination, to the repetitive interactions between teachers and students. aNotify™ mass notification not only lets you send contextual messages to each group of recipients but can automatically personalize each message with data unique to that recipient.  From inserting a first name into the outbound message, to including variable information relating to that person, the first rule of getting noticed is being relevant.


The aNotify™ system works in environments ranging from classrooms, dormitories, and student centers to outdoor spaces, including quads, stadiums, and parking lots and everything in between.  The sheer diversity of today’s educational institutions requires communications systems equally dynamic.  More importantly the need to communicate and interact in real-time crosses every aspect of the modern institution.  Some of the many uses for the system include; Teachers late for class updating a schedule with nothing more than a text, or posting homework to a website, lecture rooms filled with students participating in the lesson via mobile phones, automated payment notifications including live data driven from an internal accounting system, staff coordination, integration into recruiting and retention efforts, and distance learning programs, and so many more.  Each of the audiences may require a different message based on location or the relevance of a particular event to them.  Whatever your unique communication needs, aNotify™ puts you in control and give you the confidence to know the message got through.


aNotify™ Higher Education Applications:

  • Commuter traffic notifications.

  • Coordination of staff during an event.

  • Communicate weather related dangers.

  • Allow attendees to report incidents during a sporting event.

  • Alert individuals about emergencies discreetly.

  • Monitor location-based responses on a map in real-time.

  • Relay information about school or specific building closings

  • Use two-way messaging options to ascertain individual status after an event, class or recruiting visit.

  • Allow teachers to communicate with students via text messaging while masking their mobile numbers.

  • Integrate SMS notifications into existing accounting or bursars offices.

And so much more…


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