Financial Services


Financial Services

Challenges in the Financial Services sector.

Playing a key role in both the economic wellbeing of nations and individuals the Financial Services industry is 24/7.

A loss of contact, even for an instant can be disastrous for the industry.  With the increased speed at which decisions are made in combination with the criticality of distributing and collecting information immediately, communications and contingency planning are a must.  It is a fact that today your business is operating in an environment that presents international and domestic challenges which require new media understanding and integration to address.

Depending on your business focus you may be facing demands for change in one or more of the following areas:


  • Regulatory information distribution and reporting

  • Customer alerting and notification

  • Business interruption planning

  • CRM and billing integration

  • Client satisfaction surveying

  • Client acquisition

  • Employee coordination

  • Team collaboration

From increasing the rate of return on billing interactions, to allowing for anywhere/anytime communications aText facilitates immediate communications both internally and externally in the modern financial institution.  The aText platform can be integrated into any internal subsystem allowing for the distribution or collection of micro targeted information.


Some of the many areas that aText can help effect include:

  • Operational efficiency

  • Billing notifications

  • Data collection

  • Action initiation

  • Customer satisfaction surveying

  • Contingency communication planning

  • Employee alerting and notification

  • Internal safety and security

  • CRM integration

And so much more…


aText changes everything!™