Federal, state, and local governments have a unique responsibility to maintain public welfare, and communicating critical information accurately and effectively is quintessential to that mission.  Doing so can involve the coordination of local, remote, and field-based resources, and often from completely unrelated organizations and companies.  The aText™ platform provides the means of communicating across multiple communications systems ensuring that not you message not only gets out but is heard.  


Turn personal communication devices into a critical communication tool with aText.  From facilitating communication among government staff and to constituents who have opted into a critical notification network, to monitoring ad hoc town hall style text meetings, to updating residents of street closures nothing gets the message out like text messaging.  


aText™ empowers officials to act quickly by giving them immediate access to real-time field-level data, providing them the means to assess and manage incidents, focus resources where they are most needed and direct the flow of information to properly manage critical moments. 


aText™ Government Applications

  • Weather alerts

  • Street closures

  • Public services interruptions

  • Communicate with field-based and remote staff to coordinate services

  • Coordinate secure building evacuations in the presence of a threat to personal safety

  • Billing notifications

  • Police/fire SMS-based hotlines

And so much more…

aText changes everything!™