Health & Human Services


Health & Human Services

The Health & Human Services sector is not only of vital importance as an economic engine, but systemic in the communities in which these services reside.  From medical clinics and pharmacies, to research and development continued operations of these business are paramount to any developed or developing nation.  Faced with increasing oversight, lower fees and exploding demands it is more important now than ever to develop and implement robust communications systems.  Increasing incidents resulting in service interruptions has placed a high demand on provider to client interactions in addition to better operational contingency planning.


Hospitals, medical centers, clinics, and nursing homes face the need to communicate critical information on an almost routine basis.  Accidents, weather emergencies, and public health concerns can cause a sudden influx of patients or the need to move patients around for their own protection or to optimize resource use.


The aText™ communications system enables administrators to communicate with staff and visitors whenever, and wherever they are.  By including the various aText™ solutions as part of their emergency response plan, healthcare facilities can efficiently exchange information that helps to ensure the safety of those on-site by mobilizing on-and off-site resources, initiating two-way communications to ascertain the status of certain individuals or groups and directing specific staff or residents of the necessary actions they need to take.


With aText™, critical situations can be handled with the calm and assurance that comes from knowing the right messages are reaching the right people at the right time.


aText™ Health & Human Services Applications

  • Update IP-enabled digital signage on the go from a text message, directing emergency personnel to prearranged triage areas in the event of a large-scale accident with injuries

  • Alert and organize off-site staff to provide additional support.

  • Send messages to personal devices and personal computers to coordinate and inform security, administrative and emergency personnel to manage “code red” incidents.Staff coordination

  • Client support

  • Website development,

  • Social media use

  • Information management

  • Staff collaboration

  • Wellness reminders

  • CRM and billing implementation

  • Communications contingency planning

  • Health related incident notification

  • Enterprise data warehousing integration

  • Client acquisition

  • Supply chain disruption mitigation

  • Employee alerting and notification

  • Internal safety and security

And so much more…

aText changes everything!™