Demands on transport infrastructure

The growing population is putting pressure on transport infrastructure.  Increased demand in combination with regulatory oversight and increased customer expectations are placing more pressure on the travel and transport industries than ever before.


Depending on your business focus you may be facing demands for change in one or more of the following areas:

  • Congestion and capacity management

  • Inventory and departure control

  • Freight optimization

  • Safety

  • Urban planning

  • Emissions

  • Economic growth 


Managing these issues requires structural changes, expanded infrastructure and enhanced processes.  Most importantly it requires rethinking how and when communications systems are used throughout the operations, from operations to client-side interactions.


aText works with all aspects of the transport industry effecting the bottom line from both sides, decreased operational costs and increased sales opportunities. 

aText understands the complex needs of your industry.  From government agencies, toll road operators, logistics companies, and port and air operators aText can deliver practical communications and technology solutions that meet current and long-term demands.


Some of the many areas that aText can help effect include:

  • Infrastructure optimization and national supply chain management

  • Integrated transport investment planning and management

  • Process and policy development and implementation

  • CRM and billing implementation

  • Information distribution and collection 

  • Data exchange

  • Coordination of passenger and freight modes

  • Supply chain disruption mitigation 

  • Use and safety of transport assets and infrastructure 

  • Employee alerting and notification

  • Internal safety and security Client acquisition 

And so much more…


aText changes everything!™