Change and structural reform

The Energy sector is going through a period of intense change and structural reform.   Higher demands for accountability and transparency combined with an increase in weather related incidents has put unprecedented pressure on the industry to maintain an open and constant dialog between providers and their clients.  Changing customer expectations and concerns about price increases. increasing competition and high customer churn rates, introduction of energy related taxes, increasing diversity in energy sources from renewables to liquid natural gas, company mergers and disaggregations and the need for significant capital and information technology investment in a time of falling demand are among many other pressures are increasing the need for partnerships between utilities and best in class solutions providers.

aText can help across the value chain with its extensive energy industry knowledge and experience and understandings from operational efficiencies to client-side interactions.

We are working with clients in all parts of business cycle: from generation to transmission, distribution, retail and market regulators. We are strategic suppliers to a number of major industry players in both management and technology consulting, and implementation.


Some of the many areas that aText can help effect include: 

  • Customer service channel optimization

  • Digital channel implementation

  • CRM and billing implementation

  • Supply chain disruption mitigation

  • Business intelligence and information management

  • Social media integration

  • Business performance improvement

  • Program and project management

  • System integration

  • Employee coordination

  • Business interruption communication planning

  • Employee alerting and notification

  • Internal safety and security

And so much more…


aText changes everything!™