aCommunicator™ – Interact while protecting your mobile number




Enable text communications while maintaining identity security 

aCommunicator™ is the world’s first carrier-grade SMS system to allow for text interactions without having to disclose your number.  This discrete nickname driven platform allows participants to either chose or be assigned an alias in place of a phone number allowing for interactions between a few or many people without having to give away personal information.

From teacher-student interactions, to multiple vendors working on a project to emergency communications the aCommunicator service delivers on the promise of immediate communications, while maintaining identity security for all participants.  It is a highly adaptable system that can utilize your existing communications and digital infrastructure, such as voice systems, social networks, SMS text messaging, websites and email in a flexible, trackable way.


aCommunicator™ is based upon the idea that maintaining the security of your identity should not limit your use of text messaging to send or receive time sensitive information or interactions.  Taking a fully vetting and ubiquitous communication platform such as SMS and adding a layer of adaptive intelligence to it allows the aText client to literally redefine how and for what they use text messaging.  From project management, to study groups to emergency communications the aCommunicator™ solution provides a medium for people to communicate with each other immediately, sharing ideas, information or coordinating their efforts, wherever they are.   Administrators, managers, and executives can initiate, interact, track and even moderate the dialog through the aText portal, allowing for smooth, timely and appropriate conversations.


The aCommunicator™ system starts with the aText cloud-based platform, which houses the aCommunicator™ software, and can be connected to your network in a variety of ways. The cloud-based server gives you access messaging protocols through any IP enabled computers, phones and wireless devices, allowing you to initiate communications from remote locations. In addition, aCommunicator™’s multi-modal (text, IP, email and voice) alerting service ensures that your message not only gets out but gets seen, anytime, anywhere,


aCommunicator™ can instantly, simultaneously, and interactively where applicable, send/receive information and notifications to any IP-enabled device or system, including:


FEATURES & FUNCTIONS – What can aCommunicator™ do?

  • Maintain identity security by assigning or allow your users to create nicknames to be displayed to other users in place of a mobile number

  • Track and report interactions

  • Optional moderation of sessions allows for the establishment of an approval process.

  • Assign hierarchical access to the system

And many more… 


COMMUNICATION DEVICES - What can do you need to use aCommunicator™?

Mobile phones (via SMS text message)

Traditional and VOIP phones (via voice message)

Satellite phones

Smart phones

iPads & tablets

Wireless PDAs

IP accessible computers

Text pagers