SMS in Education

Compare contacting 500 people by SMS and calling them on the phone. Bulk SMS from a PC takes a minute and the phone calls will take hours.

  • Schools inform parents easily about children being absent.
  • Schools and childcare centres communicate with large numbers of parents quickly via bulk SMS in the case of an emergency.
  • Universities send reminders of important dates such as holidays and exam sessions.
  • Child care centres easily inform parents of important health information such as chickenpox outbreaks and head lice in the centre.
  • Education department regional offices advise of school closures due to snow, flood or natural disaster via text message.
  • Schools inform parents quickly of injuries or illness and advise parents or guardians of students requiring early collection.
  • Schools advise parents of last minute rehearsal or event cancellations.
  • Schools replace paper notes with text messages for guaranteed direct communication.
  • Parents receive predefined messages from the school using the aText Templates feature.