The question is no longer what can you do with a text, but rather what aText can do for you?  Taking a fully vetted and ubiquitous form of communication like text messaging and building a carrier-grade intelligent platform on top of it, aText has created a suit of products and services enabling governments, corporations and educational institutions to reinvent how they communicate with their constituents, employees, customers and students.

From ad hoc collaborations and interactive reminders to point of action surveys and massive alerts the aText™ communications system creates a 24/7 open line of communications between your organization and the people that matter.  Inside of the aText™ Private Text Network you get to define the rules of each interaction and more importantly what to do with the information that you are sending are receiving.  

Whether you are an Educational Institution, Governmental Agency, Corporation, or Health Provider, using text messaging can simultaneously reduce operating expenditures while ensuring that mission critical information is received and sent even when other forms of communications are ignored or unavailable.  






APPLICATIONS - Ask not what you can do with a text but rather what aText™ can do for you? 


EDUCATIONAL INSTITUTIONS – From K-12 facilities to college campuses the need to ensure a clear line of communications between students, teacher, faculty and parents is critical component to efficiently run organizations.  

GOVERNMENTAL  AGENCIES - From municipal governments to emergency services to chamber of commerces having the ability to reach residents and or coordinate staff is a quintessential part of good governance.

COMMERCIAL/INDUSTRIAL ORGANIZATIONS - From multi-national corporations, to small business owners maintaining a trackable way to gather field-level data and manage assets, especially human assets it imperative to profitable operations.

HEALTH & HUMAN SERVICES - From community medical clinics and hospitals to research and development facilities maintaining operations, even when other organizations cannot is imperative.

TRANSPORTATION - From freight and delivery services, to airlines and railways delivering information in fast paced environment to an ever increasingly mobile customer base can mean the difference between happy and dissatisfied.

UTILITIES - From water and power to sanitation services utilities must have a means of communicating with customers and coordinating staff even when all other lines of communications fail.

FINANCIAL INSTITUTIONS - From banks and stock brokers to insurance agencies protecting clients can often mean having an open and immediate line of communications with them.

 And many more… 


aText changes everything!™