How aNotify™ Works


To reach more people you need to cast a wider net.

The aNotify™ mass notification system gives you maximum connectivity to your affected population by simultaneously routing information through all your IP enabled communication channels. 

The aNotify™ server receives a trigger to initiate an alert.  The trigger can occur in a number of different ways:  

Manual Initiation of an alert can happen from anything from an inbound text or an inbound email from a designated mobile number or email address, to launching the alert via a customize web portal.

Automated Alerts happen when some change that the aNotify™ system is looking for occurs, such as a web based weather alert, a change in some variable data such as a drop in the Dow Jones, or a change in an associated internal subsystem such as an incident update from internal security.

Information is relayed via IP to web enabled outlets (website, portal, email, social media sites) while simultaneously passed on to telecommunications carrier for SMS, or voice message delivery.  In the case of mobile phones recipients can respond to the broadcast, providing field level intelligence that can be invaluable in situational awareness and resolution.  Response data can be automatically routed to any predefined personnel, or asset, populating visual images, maps, and graphs.  the LAN to push messages to inside devices and outside peripherals

Information is relayed via the Internet to push messages to personal devices.

The Importance of a multi-modal approach

The effectiveness of a mass-notification system increases exponentially with the addition of each communication modality.  More than merely catching someone with a text that you missed via email, the impact of receiving more than one message drastically improves the chances of the recipient acting in accordance with your directions.

The aNotify™ mass notification system uses various forms of technology to immediately notify recipients of current emergent situations and the subsequent actions that need to be taken in order to provide the highest levels exposure to the message.  In the case of safety and security, minutes can save lives.  

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